Do you have a broken tooth?

It probably does not need a crown! We have personally restored thousands of fractured teeth utilizing bonded composite,  with a success rate of over 90%.

The advantages of not crowning or "capping" the tooth are:

  1. The cost is a fraction of that you will pay for a crown (currently $800-$1200 in the Phoenix metro area)
  2. No need to remove a good tooth structure
  3. Avoidance of unnecessarily irritating the nerve of the tooth due to excessive grinding, which can lead to possible root canal therapy.
  4. Usually no need for anesthesia.
  5. Less irritation to the gum and decreased risk of gum recession.
  6. Esthetics of the natural tooth are preserved, since there is no need to match the crown color to the surrounding teeth.
  7. A single 30 minute visit, versus 1.5 hours over 2 visits with a crown restoration.

A bonded composite restoration is the most conservative, cost effective, and gentle way to fix the problem in one easy visit.